OADHD – Organizational Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder

The  patent  -  Organizational Assessment & Treatment for OADHD.

Organizational Attention  Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder:


The theory is based on the following assumptions:

Organizations have ADHD symptoms.

Organizational ADHD symptoms are not concerned with ADHD people in the organization. That is to say, there is a theoretical possibility that an organization may have ADHD symptoms with no worker or manager with ADHD.

The theory contains theoretical matrix that enables connections between any organizational problems to ADHD symptom according to the acceptable professional definitions (dealing with ADHD people).

The theory enables to refere to all organizational components in all kinds of organizations (known in the world). Those who had or in any kind of consultation, or those who weren't.

The theory contains structured tools for organizational assessment, above-mentioned, of any kind.

The theory contains structured tools for organizational intervention and treatment on any ADHD organizational problem, above-mentioned.The model/theory was formulated by Mr. Moshe Biton – organizational consultant, CEO, "Tachlit" company for organizational consultation.The model development, wording and integration were made by:

Dr. Ziva Sagie - ADHD expert

Mrs. Orit Moshe- ADHD coach


Mr. Moshe Biton - organizational consultant, formulated the idea above-mentioned.

Those people are partners and share all process, including registration process of that suggested theory as a patent. 


יצירת קשר: moshe@tahlit.org.il  |  04-8423888  |  050-4238423

משה ביטון יועץ ארגוני

moshe@tahlit.org.il  |  04-8423888  |  050-4238423





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